Personalized to Each Home.

Trilling Landscape is expanding its maintainance division to offer a limited number of clients personalized gardening services tailored to each home.


Further, we are making every effort to help lower everyone's "carbon footprint" by using electric blowers, organic amendments, and helping to install composting systems. 


If you would like to learn more, please let us know and we can schedule a walk-through to see how we can help!  We'll provide you with an estimate to make your home look as beautiful (and organic) as it can be.


We can also help with quarterly clean-ups  or even help you get your garden ready if you are hosting a party or event. 


We can design, deliver and maintain indoor plants too!


  • Maintenance of all lawn areas            

  • Constant weeding of planting beds, terraces and lawn areas

  • Trimming and thinning of selected perennials and shrubs throughout the garden

  • Training and triming of vines throughout the garden

  • Cleaning and dead-heading of all flowering shrubs and trees throughout the garden

  • Insect and disease control will be handled with horticultural oil, soap spray and other chemical means, 


  • Perform and complete visual inspection and system diagnosis once a month

  • Monitor and service valves, actuators and drip systems

  • Maintain proper head to head coverage and adjust systems to minimize over-spray

  • Perform sprinkler control programming and seasonal adjustments

  • Maintain documentation of all adjustments and program changes



  • Monitor drainage systems, visual inspections of downspouts, area drains and catch basins

  • Keep area drains clear

  • Maintain proper grading where possible

  • All tree locations should be monitored closely utilizing soils probe for below grade and visual for possible water accumulation.  Root flares to be maintained for air circulation and kept above grade (free from erosion)



  • Create a personalized program for healthy garden management

  • Apply fertilizer / amendments (NOTE: Materials costs not included - cost TBD and will be invoiced upon application)



  • Routinely (monthly) turn on landscape lighting fixtures in order to check bulbs and keep in working order

  • Adjust landscape lighting transformer timers at proper on/off time schedules per the Homeowners preference 



  • Water outdoor pots as needed

  • Fill Fountains as needed

  • Provide recommendations and/or perform specialty pruning and horticultural techniques i.e., proper staking, dead-heading, mulching, etc.