From Your Farm to Your Table:

Vegetable Gardens and Composting

Basically, if you toss organic material into a pile, give it a little oxygen and water, and you'll wind up with compost, which is the finest soil amendment, conditioner, and fertilizer you can get your hands on. 


Compost adds nutrients and organic matter back to soil, which benefits agriculture, reduces our reliance on synthetic fertilizers, diverts methane-producing organic materials from landfills, and improves soils’ water retention capacity so you don’t need to water as much.

But if composting is so easy and good for the garden, why don't more people compost?  We find that most people are a little intimidated and they don't know how just easy it is!

At Trilling Landscape, we are passionate about building your dream garden without disrupting your busy schedule. Please let us know if you are interested in learning vegetable gardens and composting.

Vegetable Gardens:

  • We will help you choose the perfect spot to build your garden

  • Build it and install fresh organic soil

  • Assist you in choosing which veggies best suit the needs of your family

  • Make sure your garden is properly irrigated

  • If you choose to participate in our composting program our crew will add compost to your garden when ready

  • We can talk about if you would like our crew to harvest, rinse, and leave your veggies for your enjoyment, or leave it to your enjoyment!

  • Have more control about what is going into your body!


  • We will help you choose the perfect spot and bin for your composting needs 

  • Set up a system in your kitchen to so composting is quick and easy

  • Filter and use the compost as fertilizer in your garden and yard when it is ready

With composting, you will:

  • Know that leftover food is not being wasted

  • Produce less waste (food scraps are not the only thing that can go into your composter)

  • Use less water (composting helps soil retain water,

  • If you plant organic veggies in your garden and then put the veggie scraps in your composter and then use that compost for more veggies you will create a perfect cycle where every vegetable (and anything else you wish to grow) will have no contaminants 

  • Be able to brag about being eco-friendly and genuinely organic

Please let us know if you would like to learn more!