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Heather Trilling is the Principal of Trilling Landscape Design & Build.

More than a decade ago, she founded her company with a vision to bring a clients indoor and outdoor space harmoniously together. Along with the Trilling team of designers, builders and landscape professionals, we can handle a project of virtually any size. ​


Trilling Landscape Design & Build (licensed and insured) has helped clients in the greater Los Angeles, Malibu, San Fernando Valley, Hollywood and Ventura areas to create beautiful outdoor environments that can be enjoyed for years.


A mom of four daughters, Heather Trilling founded Trilling Landscape & Design, a successful landscape design and build construction company in Los Angeles.  An expert in low-water plant designs and green building practices, Heather is passionate about helping reduce carbon footprints in our environment.


A native of southern California, Heather actually started her professional career as a pediatric nurse at UCLA (where she also earned her Masters Degree), caring for seriously ill children.  While working as a nurse and raising a family, Heather’s nurturing personality also extended to her garden and the outdoors.


Starting out as just a hobby, Heather became knowledgeable about hundreds of plants and dozens of styles by designing landscapes as a favor for her friends and neighbors.  Things changed quickly when her design talents were noticed by a producer at HGTV, and the next thing she knew, Heather was featured on a TV series, which led to formal projects and additional work on A&E Television.  Heather decided to further commit herself by studying to become a licensed landscape contractor -- and passed the statewide exam 9 months pregnant with her fourth daughter.


A dozen years later and more than 250 projects completed, Heather has added an exciting new aspect to her portfolio by creating Lumber + Linen (L+L) an outdoor furniture, pillow, and accessory line with unique designs that will bring the comfort and cozy chic style of the indoors -- to the outside. Lumber + Linen features a handmade furniture line made from sustainable harvested wood, or reclaimed wood which often comes with an interesting history.  Heather can also assist witn your interior design to help bring the outside in!


It would be a pleasure to learn more about your project, and create a vision together.